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Dielectric Silicone Grease

Dielectric Silicone Grease. Ideally used for creating a water resistant seal in electrical connectors. Recommended use with 3/5 pin JST connectors used in our Halo/Demon eye headlight builds.

$12.50 Inc. GST

Hot Melt Adhesive

The perfect product for resealing headlights/ tail lights. Neat with little to no mess and easy to use Package contains: 4 Meters of  Retrorubber butyl sealant.   Please note: Outer package received may be different to what is advertised.      

$40.00 Inc. GST

Bolt-on Breather Vent

Are you wanting to retrofit your headlights but are concerned about possible condensation? Our M12 Bolt-on breathers don’t allow condensation in, but they allow moisture/condensation to escape, keeping those lenses clear on your brand new build. We recommend adding 1 or 2 breather per housing. (Bigger headlights will require additional). Installation: Installation is simple, drill […]

$3.50 Inc. GST

Solder Sleeve Connector

Solder Sleeve Connectors are used to join 2 or more wires with a completely waterproof and strong seal. Simply slide the sleeve over the conductive join of the wires and heat with a heat gun or flame torch.   Type: Heat Shrink Solder Connectors Insulation: PE Plating: Tin Terminal Body: Copper Color: Red, Blue, White, Yellow Waterproof Rating: IP67 Operating Temperature: -55 ℃ ~ 125 Shrinking Temperature: 80 ℃ Minimum Complete Shrink Temperature: 130 ℃

$54.99 Inc. GST

50w 8Ω Load

Ideal for Indicator or brake circuits of canbus vehicles. Used to increase load on a circuit to prevent dash errors on canbus vehicles or indicator circuits on vehicles with LED Tail Lights Aluminum housing for optimal heat dissipation. Heat resistant wiring sheath Internally potted for waterproofing. Splice crimps for easy installation.

$29.99 Inc. GST
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