VF DRL Mod Wiring Harness (Plug & Play)

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We’ve teamed up with Automotive Lighting Customs to bring the VF “DRL Mod” back to life.

What is the “DRL Mod” wiring harness?

The purpose of this wiring harness is to allow the DRLs (Daytime Running Lights) to operate even when your headlights are turned on. In stock condition your DRLs automatically turn off when your headlights are turned on.

Our Plug & Play wiring harness uses genuine, sealed OEM connects and is equipped with an “Add-a-fuse” which shall be easily connected to your vehicles fuse box.


This is a Plug & Play wiring harness that requires NO circuit modification or splicing into existing wiring.

One single power wire is needed to run up to your fuse box to a spare ignition point.

Note: An entry point is required to get the add-a-fuse neatly into the fuse box.

Detailed instructions regarding installation are included.



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