ATTENTION: Current wait time for custom headlights is 3-4 weeks + postage time.

RC Colorado Custom Headlights

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Please follow the links below to the installation instructions for this product:

Installation Guide – Custom Headlights



Here at Switchback LED Lighting we also specialize in building and retrofitting headlight fittings.

We source a brand new aftermarket set of headlights.

RC Colorado custom headlight features:

  • D2S 3″ Projector retrofit – Apollo 3.0 or turbine shrouds each with the choice of Switchback or RGBW chasing halos.
  • 2.5″ Hi- Lense (Parker + high beam)
  • Housing Blackout – The standard reflector lens chrome is removed and painted matte/satin black.
  • 55w HID bulbs with huge light output

LEAD TIME: We usually allow up to a month before the customer receives their order. This depends on how busy we are. If their is going to be any delays we will see you an email.

Halo Options:

  • Switchback Halo – White halo with the option of flashing amber when you indicate. (Wiring from each indicator required + Ground & Ignition 12v + or Parker)
  • RGBW Chasing Halo – App controlled through bluetooth with over 200 chasing show modes and all standard static colours.

Projector Lens etching options:

  • Custom (Send us your design)
  • Honeycomb – Honeycomb pattern etched onto the lenses.
  • None – No Lens etching


Some basic wiring is required to run the D2S projector to integrate Low and High Beam up to the factory HB3 & HB4 Sockets along with the DRL mode on the Hi-Lense, this needs to be connected to the park light circuit by the customer.

Halos: Will need a basic wiring harness for RGBW Halos (included):

This harness needs to be wired to some sort of 12v power, this can be done from by splicing into the parker circuit (Halos will turn on with parker) or finding an accessories fuse in your fuse box, which can allow the halos to operate when your key is in the accessories position.

Switchback Halo: Driver included, you may need wiring to run the indicator feed.


  • Your newly modified headlights (to spec of your choices made at checkout)
  • Halo harness (If halos were chosen)
  • 55w D2S HIDs complete with ballasts
  • T20 LED indicators x2


We provide a 12 month warranty on our workmanship, this includes internal paint, halo etc.

We recommend ceramic coating/PPF the headlights before fitting them as this will ensure you won’t have any issues with clear coat. (Clear coat on aftermarket headlight fittings is usually very average.)

Please Note: These Aftermarket Headlight Lenses can come with imperfections (marks/scratches)  internally (usually a manufacturing fault) and/or externally (Usually due to shipping). Our headlight supplier doesn’t cover this under warranty therefore if we receive something similar we cannot return it to them for warranty either. Please keep this mind when ordering that the lenses may have small imperfections. Unfortunately this is a luck of the draw situation.

Our warranty DOES NOT include any of the original parts, eg headlights.



For off-road use only.

Please refer to our ADR law information page in the footer (bottom) of our site.

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 70 × 52 × 28 cm
Projector Shroud

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Lens Etching

Custom (Please contact us with your design), Honeycomb, None


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