Hi – Lens 3.0 LED Projector

Hi – Lens 3.0 is a dedicated High – Beam Projector, with it’s 6500k beam designed purely for maximum distance and spread.

Designed to be used in those tight spaces where a 2.5/3″ Xenon Projector won’t. Hi – Lens 3.0 even has a built-in DRL to maximize safety during the day, especially in low visibility conditions.

  • 3″ Lens
  • Threaded mounting shaft for easy installation
  • Dedicated DRL built – in
  • Rated Lumens: 3000LM

Dimensions: H: 80mm W: 80mm H: 92mm

Minimum Housing Depth: 68mm


  • Hi – Lens 3.0 x 2
  • Mounting Hardware x 2

$149.99 Inc. GST


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