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2.5″ Bi-LED Projector

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Bi-LED is now becoming more and more common in retrofit builds, as Bi-LED technology evolves into such a low maintenance, reliable and high performing option. Bi-LED Projectors are looking to replace HID Projectors indefinitely, and their are now many advantages to running Bi-LED over HID Projectors.

Low Maintenance: Bi-LED don’t have bulbs, they are a completely sealed unit, so you won’t need to worry about changing bulbs or ballasts on the side of the road, unlike a HID when they fail.

High Performance: Bi-LED technology now overtakes HID in the performance department. The light output of a Bi-LED are now just as good, if not better than a HID fitted in a HID Projector.

Reliable:  Bi-LED Projectors are insanely reliable, they are designed so they should not ever have to be changed. With external drivers, these can easily be changed out.


Warranty:  We give a 3 year warranty on our Bi-LED projectors


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