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PX2-PX3 “Mustang Style”

Installation Guide - Custom Headlights Universal 3PIN RGBW Controller Installation Insructions  

$1,849.99$2,254.99 Inc. GST

PX2-PX3 “Mustang Style”

Here at Switchback LED Lighting we also specialize in building and retrofitting headlight fittings. FITMENT: Ford Ranger PX2/PX3 “Mustang” Style Headlights NOT COMPATIBLE: Ford Ranger 2011-2014 Models PX2/PX3 Custom headlights with Sequential Halos, tribar & DRL Kit Includes: Halo/Tri-Bar/DRL Kit: 2x RGBW Sequential Halos (Controlled Via Smartphone App through Bluetooth) 2x RGBW Tribar Unit (Controlled […]

$549.99$649.99 Inc. GST
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