VF Series 1/2 Center Ambient Light Modification

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This product is for customers that would like the colour changed on their ambient light attached to the bottom of the climate control module.

The ambient lighting is not a “bulb” that can be easily changed out; it requires the 3x surface-mounted LEDs to be removed from the circuit board and replaced with a different colour of LED.

We have two options available to do this:

– Send out an already modified unit and I will send my originals back.


This means that we will send out an already modified light that you will be able to swap out yourself, and then return your original unit to us. (This will require a BOND that will be refunded when we receive your original unit.

– Modify my existing light/s

This means the customer will need to send their light unit down to us to have the LEDs changed, it will then be returned via post.


Available colours: Red, Green, White and Orange.




Green, Orange, Red, White


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