ATTENTION: Current wait time for custom headlights is 3-4 weeks + postage time.

FG XR6/8 Demon Eye Headlights

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Here at Switchback LED Lighting we also specialize in building and retrofitting headlight fittings.

FG XR6/8 Quad Projector Features:

  • Projector conversion from standard reflector housing in High Beam
  • RGBW Demon Eyes (App Controlled)
  • Housing Blackout (Matte, Gloss Black or Custom)
  • Customizable Projector Shroud Colour
  • Lense Etching (Optional)

These headlights are made upon order so please allow up to 4 weeks for the build to be completed.


The headlights plug in as normal (Low beam, parkers, high beam, indicators) but some basic wiring is required to power the demon eyes.

  • Wired to accessories power (demon eyes will come on when in accessories mode )
  • Wired to ignition (demon eyes will only operate when engine is running .)
  • Wired to straight 12V through a switch (This is manual operation, this means that the driver can choose when the demon eyes are on/off.) Leaving them on will flatten your battery.



  • 2x Modified Custom Headlight Fittings (Based on your order choices)
  • Low Beam LED Bulbs (With H7 Adapter) (These are only included if you have selected to have them fitted)
  • MK1 – MK2 conversion harness for low beam. (If ordered)
  • High Beam LED (H1)
  • 1x Wiring kit (Switchback driver module, bluetooth module and power supply)
  • 2x Extension harness (generally the passenger side headlights demon eye connections will be too short to reach the drivers side.)
  • 1x Tube of dielectric grease. (This MUST BE used in all 5 pin plugs to prevent water damage. Failure to do so will void warranty on the product)

Wiring required:

  • Positive (Accessories, Ignition, 12V)
  • Negative (Chassis/ – Terminal of the battery)

We include a fuse tap in our kit with wiring instructions.


For off-road use only. Please refer to our ADR law information page in the footer (bottom) of our site.

Headlight Fitment:

Compatible With Ford Falcon
Sedan / Ute

  • FG Series 1 = 2008.02~2011.10
    Model Variants = XR6 / XR6 Turbo / XR8 NOTE: MK1 to MK2 Conversion harness needed for Series 1 Models
  • FG Series 2 = 2011.10~2014.09
    Model Variants : XR6 / XR6 Turbo / XR8


Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 72 × 39 × 56 cm
MK1 to MK2 Harness Required


Housing blackout?

, ,

Lens Etching

Custom (Please contact us with your design), Honeycomb, None


High Beam Only, Low Beam + High Beam + Indicators


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