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CJ Lancer Halo Projector Headlights

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Here at Switchback LED Lighting we also specialize in building and retrofitting headlight fittings.

CJ Lancer Custom Headlights with Sequential Halos, housing blackout and a projector retrofit.


  • 3″ D2S HID Projector conversion from standard reflector housing in Low Beam
  • Gloss Black Projector Shroud
  • D2S HID Kit Supplied
  • Quad Sequential Halos (Controlled Via Smartphone App through Bluetooth)
  • Housing Blackout (Satin reflectors, gloss remainder)
  • Projector Lens Etching (None/Honeycomb)

These headlights are made upon order only. We do not keep these headlights “in stock” as there are so many variations.


The headlights plug in as normal (Low beam, parkers, indicators) but some basic wiring is required to power the sequential halos.

We include a fuse tap with the wiring kit for your convenience and recommend to provide power to the halos using the following methods:

  • Wired to accessories power (Halos will come on when in accessories mode )
  • Wired to ignition (Halos will only operate when engine is running .)
  • Wired to straight 12V through a switch (This is manual operation, this means that the driver can choose when the halos are on/off.) Leaving them on will flatten your battery

ELECTRONICS: Electronics MUST be installed in an area of the engine bay where their is no risk of water ingress. The electronics in this kits are not waterproof. Failure to do so may cause malfunction or damage to any of the electronic components (Power supply, LED driver, bluetooth module or halos).

Note: We include dielectric grease for customers to fill ALL 3 pin plugs. This essentially makes the plugs water resistant. If this is not applied and water gets into the area, a short between the pins on the plug can result in damage to the halo rings themselves. If this happens, the halo will need to be replaced, and that cost will be charged to the customer for the ring and labor to fit.

Wiring required:

  • Positive (Accessories, Ignition, 12V)
  • Negative (Chassis/ – Terminal of the battery)

The rest of the kit is completely plug and play.


  • 2x Modified Custom Headlight Fittings
  • 2x D2S HID Bulbs + Ballasts
  • 1x Wiring kit (Driver module, bluetooth module and power supply)
  • 2x Extension harness (generally the passenger side headlights halo connections will be too short to reach the drivers side.)
  • 1x Tube of dielectric grease. (This MUST BE used in all 3 pin plugs to prevent water damage. Failure to do so will void warranty on the product)

Bulbs that are included:

The bulbs that you wish for the headlights to come with need to be chosen with the drop down box when ordering your headlights. The minimum bulbs that can be chosen is “Low Beam Only” this is because the low beam projectors take a different bulb size from factory, and only a certain D2S HID will fit them.


FOR OFFROAD USE ONLY. We are not liable for any issues with law enforcement. Our fittings are NOT ADR APPROVED.

Lead Time

We estimate a 4 week lead time from when the order is placed to when the customer receives the product.


We offer a warranty period of 12 months for any defects in build quality that is affected when building these headlights, this includes headlight seal, and internal paint. Please note: OEM and Aftermarket headlights to suit CJ Lancer CAN be subject to condensation on the inside of the headlight lens. This is due to the insufficient amount of breathers on these headlights, we do our best to combat this issue: 2x bolt on breather vents added, extra precautions taken when sealing headlight and 1x 10g silica packets are added inside the housing to help prevent this issue.

9 times out of 10 customers will not have this issue, but sometimes in high humidity situations mixed with cold weather it is quite common. Our warranty DOES NOT cover light condensation.

We do not offer warranty on the headlight fittings themselves.

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 68 × 38 × 65 cm
Lens Etching

Custom (Please contact us with your design), Honeycomb, None

Housing blackout?



Low Beam Only, Parkers + Low Beam, Parkers, Low Beam and Indicators


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