VF Triple Dash Pod

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We’ve teamed up with IPF 3D Print Works from over in the US to bring you some custom 3D printed gauge pods for the VE/VF Commodore here in Australia.

The VF Triple Dash Pod is designed to replace the speaker grille on top of the dash. These have been specifically designed to fit 3x 52mm gauge with plenty of room for the wiring needed to hook them up. These are pressure fit pods which means they just press into the pod and are held steady so you don’t need to worry about any mounting points of screws.

This pod has perforated holes that make the dash center speaker still useable!

Keep in mind that mounting depths of different branded 52mm gauges can vary, so before purchasing gauges please verify the mounting depth that is available in the pod.

– Straight off the printer (Support material removed only) These will require sanding, priming and painting by the customer.


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