VF Commodore Halo Headlights

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Here at Switchback LED Lighting we also specialize in building and retrofitting headlight fittings.

VF Quad Projectors with Sequential Halos, housing blackout and etched projector lenses.


  • Projector conversion from standard reflector housing in High Beam
  • Quad Sequential Halos (Controlled Via Smartphone App through Bluetooth)
  • Housing Blackout (Matte or Gloss)
  • Projector Lense Etching (None/Honeycomb)
  • Customizable “Fin” Colour
  • Breather module added to prevent condensation

These headlights are made upon order ONLY; these are only to be ordered via speaking to our staff: mobile/text message/ social media.


The headlights plug in as normal (Low beam, parkers, high beam, indicators) but some basic wiring is required to power the sequential halos.

  • Wired to accessories power (Halos will come on when in accessories mode )
  • Wired to ignition (Halos will only operate when engine is running .)
  • Wired to straight 12V through a switch (This is manual operation, this means that the driver can choose when the halos are on/off.) Leaving them on will flatten your battery

Wiring required:

  • Positive (Accessories, Ignition, 12V)
  • Negative (Chassis/ – Terminal of the battery)

The rest of the kit is completely plug and play.


  • 2x Modified Custom Headlight Fittings
  • 1x Wiring kit (Driver module, bluetooth module and power supply)
  • 2x Extension harness (generally the passenger side headlights halo connections will be too short to reach the drivers side.)


These can be added at an additional cost.


Only yellow/white are to be used when driving. Please refer to your local laws on different colored lights whilst driving.

Lead Time

We estimate a 4 week lead time from when the order is placed to when the customer receives the product. We are a PART TIME business and only operate a few hours a day where we can.


We require a 50% deposit on the day of the order being placed. This is to cover the brand new set of headlights that will be ordered for the build. If for any reason you change your mind you are eligible for a refund of deposit amount.

If you require any further information or wish to order, please check with our staff.



Weight N/A
Lense Etching

Honeycomb, None

Shroud/Fin Colour

Alchemy (116V), Fantale Orange (187V), Heron White (679F), Jungle Fever (423Y), Karma (610R), Nitrate (636R), Perfect Blue (824T), Phantom Black (690F), Prussian Steel Grey (102X), Regal Peacock Green (103X), Some Like it Hot (414Y), Sting Red/ Red Hot (687F)

Optional Extras?

High Beam Only, LED Low Beam, High Beam, Parkers, Indicators + Canbus Decoder


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