RA Rodeo 03-06 Custom Projector Headlights


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Here at Switchback LED Lighting we also specialize in building and retrofitting headlight fittings.

RA Rodeo 03-06 Features:

  • 3″ D2S OR 2.5″ H1 Projector conversion from standard reflector housing.
  • Dual Sequential Halos (Controlled Via Smartphone App through Bluetooth)
  • Housing Blackout

Projector etching also available, please contact us. 

These headlights are made upon order so please allow up to 3 weeks for the build to be completed.


Some basic wiring is required to run the halos and integrate Low and High Beam up to the factory H4 sockets.

Halos: We include a basic wiring harness which will need to be connected.

      • This harness needs to be wired to some sort of 12v power, this can be done from by splicing into the parker circuit (Halos will turn on with parker) or finding an accessories fuse in your fuse box, which can allow the halos to operate when your key is in the accessories position.

Low/High Beam integration: To get the aftermarket projectors working as Low/High beam like factory, we include a H4 Lo/Hi Control harness. This allows the cutoff shield in the projector to flip down when your high beams are turned on giving you a higher beam and longer distance. This harness is pretty basic to wire up:

  • 12V from + battery post
  • Negative – battery post/ chassis bolt
  • One H4 plug this plugs into one of the factory H4 plugs on the car
  • Two high beam plugs that plug into each projector (This tells controller to switch to Lo/Hi)
  •  – and + to go to the each bulb on each headlight.


  • Halo wiring kit: Power supply, driver, bluetooth module, fuse tap with 15A fuse.
  • H4 Lo/Hi Controller and all wiring needed.
  • LED H1(2.5″) / HID D2S (3″) + Drivers.
  • 1x Tube of dielectric grease. (This MUST BE used in all 3 pin plugs to prevent water damage. Failure to do so will void warranty on the product)


LED/HID are for OFFROAD use only. We are not liable for any trouble with law enforcement.

For off-road use only. Please refer to our ADR law information page in the footer (bottom) of our site.


We offer a warranty period of 12 months for the halos and electronics in this kit. This warranty is only valid if the customer followed all installation directions and used all relevant parts.



Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 56 × 26 × 39 cm
Projector Size



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